Continued Success Requires Exacting, Sustained Effort.

Here's the Foundation ↴

The Main Focus

Align your value proposition throughout the entire consumer experience, from aquisition to customer support. Create the exact setting, establish protocols and standards within your business culture that filter down to their counterparts and do this with what you know of your audience - front and center.

Your Brand's Voice

A "brand's voice" is it's expression of intent and it needs to be clear right out of the gate! Brand messaging when done effectively enhances the likelihood of customer acquisition and retention as it puts the control of decision making right in the palm of their hands. The key is to build trust by using the right messaging at the right time. Empowering your audience to make the best possible choice should be your first order of business.

Trusting Vendors

Unless you have a team of software engineers at hand, you will more than likely need vendors that can service the needs of your business. But who do you trust? Let's take a look at the essential kit required to run your online marketing and do it from a "software agnostic" perspective, ridding ourselves of the "shiny object" syndrome once and for all.

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I weave the words that manifest YOUR MAGIC!

I put the “WOW” in How!

100% Agreed! There's absolutely no need to try and "re-invent the wheel" as they say. But there is by the same token, a very definite need to have a set of wheels that fit your vehicle; that suit the tyres for the ride.

" I don't believe in luck or genius. I believe in the appropriation of leveraged skill and knowledge delivered with a clarity of vision that's ethically aligned and congruent with purpose. I believe that the creative juices of personality leaves it's indelible mark of style and plays an immense role in orchestration, execution and legacy. I also recognise that mindful deployment, particularly when assessing the many nuances of timing to market are of concern , is the gateway to success and acknowledge that this is a process of aligning systemic integrity to it's many tasks."

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100% Strictly Confidential

I completely embrace the "gentleman's agreement", but also believe in contracts. Contracts to me are not a mere reflection of things to be done or actions to be carried out, but are acts of one party's offer to be in good standing of word with the other, they are works of honour. The stipulations within a contract are there to empower all parties concerned, not exclusive to the stakeholders, but made with social conscience. They are not just legal, but spiritual in nature. Nothing will ever be disclosed to a third party unless you wish it so.

Plans Tailored to You

By now you are aware that I am all for specificity and nuance - it's dance. As such my offering is one of a unique, but not uncommon perspective, something I believe is more akin to a "ballet", than an display of "folk" in style (but as we all know, all manner of rhythm has it's place). Knowing this allows for a sense of play and discovery. It's the discovery of your tune that I'm enthused to harmonise with,= and whatever that may be, I will do my utmost to move with you. This is my pledge.

Consistency You Can Trust

My job is to gain your confidence and trust with the aim of being a strategic partner in the growth of your business, a trusted advisor you can lean on. Our alliance will rely on the "principle of reciprocity", in that I gain insight into what you're about and your needs beyond the norm of simple note swapping and "confirmation bias". Within our context the reciprocation will take many different forms. I see the process of refining collaboration and advancing alignment towards maximum impact as the target.

My Process

I begin the only way I know how, which is with openness and a sincere desire to find out what makes you tick and aim the learning about the things you do in your business that bring joy too your day-to-day and clarity in your efforts toward effective transformation and I take it from there. I believe wholeheartedly in candidness and it's sibling, transparency. Without them paving the way, the united path to follow is all but absent. This is my truth.

Outta The Park!

The Narrative

It's all in the language used to set the stage of proposition, it's a narrative of drama and stake. The language intent and style is not itself singular, it is multi-dimensional - it's an expression of will that informs your message.

Out of The Park!
Cultural Filters

There are many diffrent types of culture: societal, business, smaller groups and those of ethnicity. Being able to stand out as a voice of authority is the foundation of effect. Sharing stories that are highly relatable and captive are the hallmark of all great campaigns and as such it is my mission to create the means to produce awareness via cultural alignment, by speaking directly to your audience in the language they understand. I narrow in beyond the rhetoric of benefit and feature by actively working with you on understanding their world.

Peripheral Awareness

What's "out there", in terms of the market, the edge of it's attention, is a very wide net. As we narrow in on our niche we need capture engagement by playing the attention game so we can pull the net in and claim our catch (at least, that's one way it's done). There are of course other strategies that assimilate an audience's attention and awareness by tuning into solving a problem for them. By conversing with them in the mode of empathy. By dissolving the barriers to entry and synchronizing our pitch to the right type of emotional anchor - the "value unifier" - we navigate the negotiation and give them what they need to engage.

Cognitive Dissonance

Resistance to change.

Cognitive Bias

Subjective reality.

Rent My Brain!

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